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1498 - 14" x 10" 1 Dozen Standard Cupcake Insert, Reversible White/Brown

per Case (100 pieces)
per Pack (10 pieces)

Holds 1 Dozen Standard Cupcakes in a 14 x 10 x 4 Inch Cupcake Box.

One Insert to Hold them ALL! Use it Brown side or White side up - up to you!

The 14" x 10" x 4" cupcake boxes below (sold separately) use the same cupcake insert, just inside-out.
If you take a look at the cupcake boxes and cupcake inserts we offer, we hope you notice how hard we've worked to make your cupcake packaging as interchangeable as possible. With our cupcake inserts, if you want to change it up - you can do that too! The brown box and the white box pictured above use the very same cupcake insert (item 1498). As our Natural Brown cupcake boxes become more popular, it is very good thing to be able to use the same cupcake insert you would use for your white or pink or custom colored boxes - just flip it inside-out! When transporting your cupcakes inside your cupcake packaging, make sure you hold the box by the edges and not push the bottom up in the center. A hand pressing up the middle underneath your cupcake box will launch your cupcakes out of their cupcake insert insert and headlong into disaster. Make sure when you move your cupcake box you 1.) bend at the knees and 2.) hold your cupcake transport and presentation system by the corners.

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