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The packaging below, whether used as lunch boxes or a delivery box, are not your typical commodity product. These catering boxes were originally designed to handle hefty eats from high-end bakeries and pastry shops but BRP customers shared that the packaging makes for great to-go boxes as well.

The packaging on this page is made from thicker-than-industry-standard uncoated board, is sturdy, easy to set up, and gives a professional presentation – even though the contents might be a humble sandwich and a bag of chips. If you have a need for a moisture barrier, pick up some of our grease proof sheets by clicking here.

Disposable lunch boxes are ideally biodegradable, recyclable, and of course, affordable. All of our paperboard is biodegradable and our kraft boxes are not only eco-friendly but remarkably stout because the long natural wood fibers are left intact providing more rigidity at a lower cost when compared to the satin-white offerings.

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