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Cake Pop Box Map

A very special thinks to Jennie G., the creative force behind The Cake Pop Shop, for creating a need for this map. Jennie's vision to customize the box base in order to add more dimension to the theme of her display... well, it's one of the reasons your box makers count themselves so fortunate to serve the artists we do.

Click here to download an actual-size pdf map of the holes in your cake pop box base. In your printer settings, please make sure you are set to print actual size and not “fit” or “fit to page”.

Cut the 4 dashed lines on the ends of your printed sheet to make a notch. Lay the sheet on your base and flip up the tab so it sits snug in the notches on both sides (see picture on the left). Fine tune the placement of your map by aligning the dotted lines of your paper with the perimeter edges of your box. Once the end notches and corners are lined up, you are ready to more precisely pre-punch your cake pop stick holes through your decorative wrap.

Check out Jennie's outstanding video on how to use this map by clicking here.

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