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2451- 7 Inch Cake Round, Gold Foil Single Wall Corrugated Cake Board

per Case (50 pieces)
per Pack (10 pieces)

Actual Cake Board Dimensions ~ 7 inch diameter, ~ 1/8 Inch Thick.
Gold Foil Single Wall Cake Round - A Seven Inch Shimmering Disk of Moisture Resistant Frugality
These seven inch cake rounds are now available. You asked for an attractive and affordable cake board and here it is! Take a look at the photo above and note the razor cut edges of the cake round. These grease resistant gold foil laminated cake boards are die cut. This manufacturing method leaves the crisp edge of the corrugated cardboard exposed. You can actually see the cardboard flutes giving these little medallions their strength. If you are looking for something simple, affordable, strong, and still classy - our seven inch cake rounds may be just the platform to present your sweets.


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